WZ800 60s Fiesta Crochet and Knit Ponchos and Shawl
Vintage Pattern PDF 00800


KNITTING AND CROCHET: A wonderfully mad poncho pattern from the end of the sixties; this was featured in Simply Crochet magazine and proved surprisingly popular!

The crocheted one is a quite sharply tapered triangle shape, made in a “mock” broomstick type of stitch and its heavy fringe is tied decoratively. The knitted one is just a simple 2 row texture and the lady at the back wears a shawl; made by the simple expedient of folding the crochet poncho in half and draping it in a dashing fashion!

Despite the fedora and cowboy hat styling-Fiesta time it is not-…. they are reduced to dancing around an empty garden pond poor girls ( too much tequila maybe-and probably that was just the photographer LOL).

Talking of styling-I can’t imagine anyone today wearing thick yellow tights-and not much else –under their poncho! They are not modern leggings by the way…note the inseam on these bright versions of 60 denier, thick- like- grandma’s  tights ( panty hose)!Even the footwear manages to look  grannyish…oh dear!

But- cosy and fun to make –yes ; just accessorise carefully or wear only  for brightening up (very) remote rural walks.