WZ796 Hexagonal Motif Crochet Poncho Capelet
Vintage Crochet Pattern PDF 00796

£ 2.00

CROCHET:  A stunning and very unusual and crochet r poncho or caplet created from separated bands of hexagonal motifs. The graduated motifs are set between hoops of plain crochet, for an open but sturdy structure.

This is shown as a full poncho but would look great as a caplet with just 2 or 3 bands made.

It would also look very stylish in plain cream or black instead of the oranges and lemons theme shown, or you could also do it in a multicoloured effect; less elegant but great fun for a festival look!

N.B. The motif would easily make into a lovely crochet patchwork blanket too.

(I also have the pattern for the knitted cables sweater /pantsuit worn underneath; very 1960s “Emma Peel Avengers” style). Do ask if interested!)