WZ755 Crochet Festival Lady’s Evening Trouser Pants Suit
Crochet Vintage Pattern PDF 00755


CROCHET: An iconic sixties look of a flower encrusted evening tunic and trousers (pants).

Altogether the epitome of sixties elegant cool; you will certainly make a stunning entrance with this outfit.... all you need is a gentleman to admire it.. now where did Mr Bond pop off to..?

Quite easy to crochet with basic techniques. The crochet mesh fabric is finer, and less revealing, than many similar sixties patterns I have; so a good option if you like the look but don’t want too much skin on show.

OR- use the flower instructions for headbands, cushions, blankets... best of both worlds pattern wise!

I suspect this is photographed in the “new” South Bank Festival Hall.(London).. the brutalist concrete architecture and play on the name of this pattern set...

Lister used “festival” for a group of gorgeous crochet patterns-when Festival still meant dressing up and concert hall, rather than muddy field and wellies! (still great however for a modern festival too- flower power reinvented!)

Incidentally- if you enjoy the vibe... you may like to look at waistcoat tunic pattern image WZ753 (Lister N2218) another “Festival Set “pattern which does have an admiring-slightly cross eyed- gentleman, and awesome “big hair” do!)