WZ753 Lady’s Crochet Festival Set Waistcoat Tunic Evening Layer
Vintage Pattern PDF 00753


CROCHET:  A fab crochet confection for layering; a crochet tunic or long waistcoat/vest pattern. Unusual design with a big open mesh on top, chunky crochet lace on the skirt...and a big belt and buckle round the middle...this garment means business-late sixties style!( Definitely creeping towards the seventies  with the big pussycat bow and white trousers.)

There is also big hair...but we’ll try not to notice that! (I really hope it was a wig!)Maybe the whole look is working for her though as she is on a date somewhere posh, judging by her date. The poor gentleman seems quite overcome with doe eyed worship!

They could not resist the play on the name of this pattern set from Lister... Festival still meant an outing to a concert hall in those days!

Incidentally- if you enjoy the vibe... you may like to look at flower encrusted mesh pantsuit (yes really) WZ755 another “Festival Set pattern (N2224) .