WZ749 Crochet Venetian Lace Motif Jacket Vest Waistcoat
Vintage Crochet Pattern PDF 00749

£ 2.00

CROCHET: A wonderful, gothic inspired, waistcoat or vest to crochet. This stunning pattern is from the late sixties... who knew there were Goths then!

The super large trellis, or medallion, style crochet motif makes it so unusual; but chose a yarn with lots of body so it stays crisp. Cotton would be good although it is written for yarn.

The motif is called a “Venetian square” and it has an almost tatted look to it, especially with the lattice work borders and picot loop corners...and it was usually used for lace items.

You could indeed use the motifs for other projects - they would make fab cushions, pillows, or blankets... or even wall art pieces... with a variation in the thread used.