WZ741 Crochet Patchwork Cover Blanket
Vintage Pattern PDF 00741


CROCHET:  A classic crochet “granny square” afghan blanket lovely and cosy and a slight twist on the traditional version.

This circle in a square motif very effective and not difficult. It is described as using cotton or wool, but the instructions are the same (just with the names changed for the yarn’s colour).

(Cotton would be very heavy; a modern cotton synthetic mix or acrylic would be better and easier to wash! There is much better yarn technology now)

I love the smoky retro seventies colour palette they have chosen- it is also a very retro (and non PC!) image, with the ashtray containing a smoking cigarette. Not the most attractive (- or safe!!) of props... I wouldn’t like my hard work at that risk of being burnt LOL.

With the technical book as well it looks like they are trying to create a masculine appeal. So for any man needing a blanket - or woman (or man) who wants to make him one... this may be the one!

Of course any other colours may be chosen too haha.

Incidentally; the original has an error -which I have corrected and I include my notes/process photos to help too.