WZ708 Bikini and Coverup
Vintage Crochet Patterns PDF 00708

£ 2.00

CROCHET:  A beautiful web of a bikini set to crochet from this vintage pattern. There is actually more coverage than a first glance would have you think; and the panties are very modest by today’s standards. However you would probably not want to get too active in this one-so it is ideal for showing off your curves from a sun bed!

I have a variation on this one (WZ00077 search 00077 in our shop) and both were originally designed for Patons ”Promise” yarn. This was one of the new acrylic yarns being newly produced for home knitters in the late sixties; it had a slight (much lauded) sheen to it. The soft yarn was probably quite clingy when dry...and hopeless when wet...hence the “sunbathing only” advice. For today a modern cotton/synthetic mix will give the best of both worlds and allow swimming (fairly sedately!) as well.

Of course the usual “modesty check” before emerging is advised... unless you actually want to give a Botticelli “Birth of Venus” effect for onlookers...

 Incidentally the additional black and white image is typical of many early 70’s photo use of the female form thinly disguised as advertising. This studio glamour shot is so far from a beach image... even the poor model looks exasperated!  ;)