WZ678 Daisy Pompom Baby Afghan Blanket
Vintage Crochet Pattern PDF 00678

£ 2.00

CROCHET: A retro daisy flower baby blanket. This is a lovely little blanket pattern to crochet for a spring baby-or for a special Easter outing!

It is a fun thing to make-with loopy daisy flowers crocheted together and decorated with pompoms!

PLEASE NOTE: You DO NOT NEED a flower loom-only a crochet hook! The flowers are crocheted, although they resemble the flower loom ones that were a bit of a popular fad in the sixties and seventies. This is rather ironic as loom flowers were originally a quicker method of obtaining a crocheted look.

You could make smaller pompoms for a little less of a statement, LOL... or use purchased ones (pompoms are very trendy now too...so good for those fashion conscious new parents!)

It would be a nice idea to get any other children in the family to help with the pompoms for the new baby...

...and of course use any colours you like –as is helpfully pointed out in their promotional blurb ! (see images here!)

I have also used crocheted spheres as well, in place of pompoms, for a more durable blanket ( note included).