WZ653 Mans Knitted Reindeer Sweater
Vintage Knitting Pattern PDF 00653


KNITTING : this is a simple basic sweater shape with one of the best reindeer motifs I have (or have seen). The jumper has a joyful reindeer design, which is actually really stylish!

 It is shown on a man (well boy really, with his new moustache, bless him!) but would be very wearable on a lady too. It has an easy structure and fit-so the only complex knitterly bit is the Fairisle patterning. (Which is not hard if you relax and don’t pull it too tightly; I have a note in the pattern to explain.) It is a chart by the way, so it is worth having, even just used for the as a reindeer motif- for knitting, cross stitch etc-

This is knitted in a thick but soft, Icelandic type of wool yarn- but any chunky weight would probably work-and actually may wear better. This vintage wool was gorgeous, but did tend to “pill”.

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