WZ00597 Sindy Doll Poncho Tunic Trousers Pants Knickerbockers or Pedal Pushers
Vintage Knitting Pattern PDF 00597


KNITTING:  A high fashion outfit from the 70s-not many actually wore knickerbockers-thank goodness, but the poncho was, and still is, everywhere!

These little patterns in women’s magazines were great for mums with little daughters keen on having dolly clothes “just like mummy”.

The little girls could have clothing for their dollies just like mu; a good representation of actual fashion as it was worn at that time!

There is also a tunic (just visible under the poncho). It has cap sleeves knitted around the armholes and a contrast.

Useful items for dolly knitting to fit Sindy, Penny and similar 12inch teen dolls.