WZ471 Vintage MIDIs Crochet and Knitted Waistcoats and Headband
PDF Pattern 00471


Crochet and Knitted versions of a classic waistcoat/vest style plus a headband to complete the outfit in 70s groovy style!

CROCHET: A hippy 70s look-made in an open grid pattern formed with plain rows of half trebles ( US hdc ) and double trebles ( US tr ) –nice and easy  to make.

KNITTING: Another lovely vintage styled, hippy waistcoat [or vest] pattern PDF. This is also easy-the raised grid effect is made with only one slightly “fancy“ row in a 4 plain/purl row pattern.

The pattern calls them “Midis” –a name more often associated with the long skirts that followed on from the mini skirt fashion period...

But it is a good name for an in-between item; see the WonkyZebra blog for more on this theme...