WZ429 White Rose Coat Wedding Dress
Vintage Crochet Pattern PDF 00429


CROCHET: A stunning crochet maxi length coat for lace evening or bridal wear .

This full length, open fronted coat has a collar and tiny buttons on the upper bodice, fastening into the edging trim.

It is crocheted in filet crochet technique, with a rose motif on a mesh background, and with a dainty loop effect edging.

It would also adapt beautifully to shorter lengths-even as a jacket, or shrug; so a real gem of a style for dressing up a whole bridal group of bride and attendants. Of course it is very wearable for all sorts of other events too!

This intricate looking design is not difficult, but it could be simplified by making it with just a few scattered roses or none! Also the collar could be omitted for a more minimal line (or maybe made into even more of a statement!].


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