WZ401 Spring Bikini Tunic
Vintage Crochet Pattern PDF 00401


CROCHET: this is an unusual style for a vintage crochet bikini –boxy and very modern looking-despite its age! It is simple and quick to crochet-and so is the stunning mesh coverup top.

Perfect for the beach-and a good option if you would like something slightly less skimpy than many crochet bikinis-with good coverage for peace of mind in wear, but still clearly “crochet”.

You can vary your tan lines by adjusting the ties and although the “cups” have no shaping it would be easy to add a little if needed (I am happy to advice on this). You could also thread the ties through the stitches to pull in the shape at the top of the cups.

The top would look fab over a T shirt or party wear-fab in a metallic yarn-or simple black or white.