WZ00389 Leisure and Day Dresses
Vintage Crochet Pattern PDF 00389


CROCHET: A beautiful crocheted boho maxi dress pattern – this is another lovely dress from Twilley’s ‘Barbara Warner ‘collection of the late 60’s /early 70s. It is buttoned through the front to just below the waistline - with a drawstring at the waist. The “V” neckline is quite a deep and, along with the armholes, has a subtle picot edging.

Despite looking stunning it is quite simple to crochet in an easy shell stitch.

You could actually make this any length you like – they have published as a short day/cocktail dress and even in mini tennis length. ( I will include this in the purchase for you ).

It is a very versatile pattern-and you could even make it as just a top, skirt or sleeveless suit.