WZ283 Knitted Gloves and Gauntlet Pattern
Vintage Knit PDF 00283

£ 2.00

KNITTING: A beautiful, very vintage (1940s) glove pattern. These are really lovely ladies gloves, or gauntlets, with deep decorative cuffs. One pair has a beautiful flared shaped cuff with inset moss (seed) stitch ribs and one pair a frilled cuff made in simple crocheted lace (but you could of course use a knitted lace stitch).The other gloves are plainer but  made in interesting textured stitches, for men or girls.

Good styles for those who love a bit of intricate knitting-or gloves! These are also good for period dramas or re-enacting. The pattern itself is so evocative of its time; with useful admonishing statements such as “Start right by using the wool recommended!” and “Right wool, correct tension - success!”

However please note the 8 pages are in really tiny font. I have slightly enlarged it to A$ and brightened the text but it is still just about 10 point. I can enlarge it further for you but it will be on so many pages; you may prefer to nominate the style you want if only one or two. [Contact me if print size is a problem and I will see what I can do to help.]

The gloves are knitted on two needles (see 4th image for more details).

Please note also that one pair has a crocheted lace cuff, so needs a crochet hook, and crochet ability!).