WZ244 Lace Wedding Dress
Vintage Crochet Pattern PDF 00244

£ 2.00

CROCHET: A pattern for a beautiful crocheted heirloom wedding dress.

This lovely dress has a modest round necked bodice with woven ribbon inserts and matching the deep cuffs. The sleeves and skirt are worked downwards from the bodice ( making it easy to adjust size ) and are crocheted in a bold and dramatic “arch stitch” lace.

The romantic look is accessorized with a dainty crocheted Juliet cap, similarly threaded with ribbons given a medieval effect.

The whole ensemble could also be made as a shorter dress and would look lovely on any occasion.


The yarn used originally was Patons “Kismet”; a unique silky mohair yarn. It is difficult to describe but lovely to use… with just a little “halo” and very soft handle. I have added several pictures of it as I have a few oddments left; so hopefully you will find something similar. Alternatively this type of crochet always looks good in cotton; a modern cotton / synthetic mix would give less weight then pure cotton… but it may still be heavy enough to drag the  full dress down-but a short version would look fab!


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