WZ188 Knitted Lattice Stitch Wedding Dress
Vintage Knit Pattern 00188


KNITTING: An intricately textured wedding dress just right for a windswept winter wedding in wide open spaces. You will be toasty warm in this – whatever the weather.

This unusual bridal gown has a romantic “mock medieval” style. The waistline is quite high, the neckline low but quite modest, in a soft “U” shape and the sleeves finished with a cuff and frill. A long ribbon sash is threaded under the bust to give a perfect fit.

There are two different lattice textures-the bodice one is simpler but the skirt and sleeves also have bobble details in each diamond shape. Lots of knitting, a real heirloom piece (however  you could always adapt the stitch as the shape is still lovely).

Actually quite a cosy dress to snuggle up in on long winter evenings – especially if you really like a big knitting project.


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