WZ176 Crochet Pants Suit
Vintage Crochet Pattern PDF 00176

£ 2.00

CROCHET: This stunning crochet lace pantsuit has fitted and flared pants (trousers) and a short sleeved jacket, buttoned from a high round neckline and finished to crop or hip length. 

The crop top version of the jacket would make a great “festival” or beach top; maybe over shorts to match (easy to make from the top down pants pattern).

It is crocheted in a beautiful and unusual lace stitch pattern (see close up). Ahead of its time in the “underwear as visible layer” look-but the lace does give a reasonably dense cover if you don’t mind a glimpse of undies on show!

Just the thing for a festival or upstaging a wedding...or adding a new dimension to the traditional gossip over the garden wall. (Although I am pretty sure this is a cemetery wall!). And, yes, that really was a fashionable haircut-for a brief, ghastly time!