WZ174 Vogue Wedding Dress
Vintage Crochet Pattern PDF 00174


CROCHETthis absolutely stunning crocheted wedding dress is from a Vogue book and is part of a snapshot of fabulous seventies designs in crochet.

This beautiful cobweb dress actually won’t take as long to make as it would seem, as it is made with a very open structure of giant motifs, in a soft yarn. You need to match this yarn for the same effect, but a heavier one will still give an interesting intricate effect.

 In the description it does say a lining is optional; “make a lining slip if required”! However I would have said, looking at it, that this is essential. The only reason I can see not to have a lining is if you are absolutely desperate to get him up the aisle. LOL

No instructions are given to sew one, but a plain slip is easy to stitch in under the bust-or a purchased one is probably even better. Measurements – see last picture.


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