WZ139 Pineapple Crochet Lace Wedding Dress
Vintage Crochet Pattern PDF 00139

£ 2.00

CROCHETA stunning long BoHo fairytale dress to crochet.  This romantic dress is made in a Renaissance style with a high waistline to a simple bodice, and square cut armholes. This is contrasted with intricate crochet skirt and sleeves in a “pineapple” lace stitch.

It is a lovely pattern for making very a special evening dress; or an heirloom wedding dress. It is really beautiful, even to just drift around in like a fairytale princess, however it would make a stunning bridal gown, as the back view has lovely buttoned detailing too!

The pattern looks more difficult than it actually is; and it is on a large scale (so only hours of crochet – not weeks, LOL). It is an interesting stitch pattern, similar to pineapple doyleys, and built up in an easy to see and follow structure. The sleeves are sewn on after construction as usual, but the skirt is worked downwards from the bodice.-
I have added help notes with the text but I am happy to help by email.

As an afterthought; it would make a beautiful lace blanket, just made as for the skirt!

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