WZ129 Classic 60s Mod Knit Suit
Vintage Knitting Pattern PDF 00129

£ 2.00

KNITTING  Get the real “mad men”, “Jackie O” look with this fab vintage knitting pattern for a classic  1960s continental  style suit.

This style suit is back in fashion (did it ever really go out?).This version is understated and elegant, but you could make it shorter and brighter for a more swinging sixties effect (and a bonus with that  is there is also less skirt to knit) !

Both versions have elegant three quarter length sleeves and edge bands in a moss (seed) stitch for that classic chunky braid finish.

The “bracken” wool was a fab yarn with a slubby contrast (usually black or very dark) twisted through a brighter hue; giving an instant tweedy texture to the garments. A modern “tweed” yarn would be similar.