WZ091 Continental Mesh Dress
Vintage Crochet Pattern PDF 00091


CROCHET  An interesting and unusual pattern from 1965, written in 3 languages; English, German and French!

The dress has a bodice and long sleeves crocheted in a picot lace mesh, with a plain treble crochet skirt from the hipline. A slender crocheted belt is tied in a bow just above the skirt top line. Very much in elegant “mod style” with a high fashion look iconic of the sixties.

It is shown with a coloured taffeta lining which is briefly mentioned in the materials but there are no instructions for making a lining. You would traditionally have used the finished crochet pieces as a template to cut a lining from; but today you  could just wear a camisole /slip under it instead.

You can get lots of different looks from this pattern by varying the colour-white would look stunning. It could also be made just as a top by omitting the skirt part- or made looser as a coverup over a bikini.

It is written for 4ply yarn on a very fine hook. This is a pattern you could easily enlarge by using a larger hook, or a thicker weight yarn and even larger hook. (However you would need to do some trials to work out the size-I could explain more if needed!)