WZ081 Seventies Jaeger Bikini Coverup and Beach Dress
Vintage Crochet Pattern PDF 00081


CROCHET: this is a skimpy bikini by late seventies standards but the midi length beach dress more than makes up for it! (The T shape with split sides was popular for some reason.)

However the bikini patterns is very quick and easy and the cup size would be easy to alter for a really good fit- useful if you intend to get actually get wet in it!

This is suspiciously close to some earlier patterns I have (WZ077 and WZ168) but the panties are updated into cute little high tied ones.

(I have seen a complete copy of this style in a knitting magazine –stitch for stitch - claimed by a known designer in the early 20s-naughty!).However the “around and around cup crochet method will give similar results I guess.

Jaeger Summer Spun cotton had a slight “boucle” effect.