WZ033 Lacy Crocheted Gloves
Vintage Crochet Pattern 00033

£ 2.00

CROCHET: Beautiful crocheted gloves for summer; a perfect finishing touch for a retro or vintage look at any summer event. (Or just for dressing up a nice summer day!)

These gloves are not too complex to crochet; and the scale of the lace makes them quite quick to make. My tip; like socks it is best if you work on left and right simultaneously so you get the same tension on each as you go, in case it varies a little next time you pick up the work.

(Plus you stand a better chance of finishing the whole pair instead of one and an “I’ve-lost-interest” half pair.

I have LOADS of similar glove patterns, including men’s cotton gloves. If you would like to see others do just contact me and I will sort some out for you to choose from. I’m working on processing them all – it takes a while…