WZ027 Traditional Fluted Tea Cosy and Egg Cozy plus Crochet Tea Cosy With Nest
Knit and Crochet Vintage PDF Pattern 00027


A great double bill, one knitted and one crocheted tea cosy; and a supporting cast of an egg cosy and “nest”!!!

KNITTING:: Staring the ubiquitous traditional fluted tea cosy and its supporting partner egg cosy; knitted in two (almost always contrasting) colours. 

CROCHET: An over the top crochet cosy, with big hair and it’s matching “nest”. For those who don’t use one, the nest is like a tea cosy/coaster combo for the bottom of the pot, to prevent even a wisp  heat escaping  onto your cold worktop...!

The green loop “confection”(which I think is supposed to represent a garden) around the top of the crocheted cosy is added afterwards, personally I would just leave it off, for a really sweet neat shape.

This pattern dates from the late 1950’s – from the Greenock Scotch wool shop which then became Bellman’s (now also sadly vanished from the British High Street).

[I wish I had the pattern for the sweet jumper advertised on the back cover, what a beautiful picture.]