WZ026 Fifties Man’s Zip Front Yellow Cardigan
Vintage Knitting Pattern 00026

£ 2.00

KNITTING: A surprisingly quite wearable, zip front cardigan, also with very useful and unusual zip pockets on the chest; no need for a manbag for his wallet and Phone.

For a more traditional man you may want to lose the shawl collar; but it will be appreciated by any fifties fans. (Those geeks amongst them who like their techy bits close and front facing will also like those high front pockets!)

Back and front are knitted with a 60 stitch cable panel pattern (two on the back, one each side of front). Actual stitch by stitch knitting instructions for each row are given ( ie it is not charted). The sleeves and plain bits are knitted in “continental stocking stitch” which is a twisted stocking stitch i.e. one row knit into back of stitches, next row purl. It just gives slightly more texture than plain knitting but is still very easy.

The sizes are 38, 40, 42 inch chest. Length from shoulder to lower edge 24 / 25 inches. Sleeve seam 18inches (adjustable).