WZ008 Mod Dress
Vintage Crochet Dress Pattern PDF 00008

£ 2.00

CROCHET  You can recreate your own mod dress exactly with this pattern; it is still so fab! Even the pattern leaflet has such evocative 60s styling- “the swinging London look”. (Their description says it all-check out the words in their text, photo 4).

You could copy the whole look just as it is or maybe wear it as a tunic over jeans.

Really easy and quick to make, all in simple treble (US double) crochet stitch; with hem, collar, cuffs and belt in double (US single) crochet stitch. A crochet pattern for long sleeves is quite hard to find too.

The “Piccadilly” yarn was an early synthetic; so quite cosy- but you could also make this in a soft cotton blend for a crisper look, cooler to wear.

Oh- and check out those shoes!!

(Late 1960’s confirmed by the pricing; UK went "metric" in 1971, this was obviously priced before then)