WZ007 Seventies Chokers or Necklaces
Vintage Crochet PDF Pattern 00007

£ 2.00

CROCHET: A set of chokers to crochet; fab, do-it-your-self jewellery in true 70’s style and spirit; inspired by the 70s Victorian revival in fashion styling.

Quick easy projects with lots of creative variations from the initial inspirations shown; some of the crochet is made around firm rings such as curtain rings. You can easily make up your own designs once you get the technique. This pattern is quite basic but I send with it a second tutorial from this period with more information and helpful hints.

The gorgeous “Goldfingering” metallic thread is still available; one reel will make 3 chokers. (You and two friends could wear complimentary sets!)

Similar yarns are often produced; especially in the winter seasons-or a fine cotton would also work (4ply cotton is thicker though as this is a 3ply weight). I include photos of the original thread for comparison.

This is actually a very a early seventies pattern or very late sixties (as shown by the pricing; UK went "metric" in 1971, this was obviously priced then as both currency units are printed to cover the transition)