WZ005 Ripple Mod Dress for Mother & Daughter
Vintage Crochet Pattern PDF 00005

£ 2.00

CROCHET  A neat and versatile crochet dress in a simple chevron or “ripple” stitch pattern; very pretty!. This has the cute late sixties “dolly bird” look; with a slightly high waistline and short, flippy skirt shaping; SO flattering and fun to wear - on “mother and daughter” equally- as it is given for a range of sizes for both.

 The skirt is worked downwards from the finished bodice, so it is easy to adjust the length of the hem (and also the sleeves). This is especially useful for the child’s dress; keep some extra thread and it can be lengthened for another years wear!

The back of the bodice has a short slit opening with a button at the neck on the women’s sizes and three buttons  for the child’s sizes.

(sorry there is no photo of the back, this is from the text of the pattern)

Another good dress for bridesmaids-and any summer event.