WZ002 Cotton Dress for Mother and Daughter
Vintage Crochet PDF Pattern 00002

£ 2.00

CROCHET: A chic little dress with effortless style. Very easy to make and wear, very sixties, with a timeless elegance. All it needs is 007 as an escort! Originally made in fine wool, this simple Mod look is great just as shown for evening wear with a (purchased) statement belt. However a cotton or cotton/synthetic mix would create a lovely dress for summer days. The skirt is worked down from the bodice, in a different and more open crochet lace stitch. It could easily be made as two pieces , as a shell top and separate skirt (the skirt would then need an added added waistband). NB skirt is short, approx 16inches, (whole dress 32” long) but can easily be adjusted, you can just see the hem on the right hand side of the pattern. Late sixties/very early 1970's (by the pricing; UK went "metric" in 1971, this was obviously priced in the period just before then).