WZT1043 Toy Pixie Gnome or Elf
Vintage Knit Pattern PDF T1043


KNITTING :This is a great little basic doll shape unusually finished in a textured moss or seed stitch. Very quick and easy to knit in Double Knitting (DK 8ply light worsted); just a back and front, each all in one piece, plus his hat! This cute cuddly chap was called a pixie but today would probably be classed as a gnome or maybe an elf (although they do seem to be depicted as thinner nowadays) .

Of course his basic shape is ideal for all sorts (he has asked me to point out that he is happy to take on any alternative career as boy doll of choice, or even dress up as a monster!)!

He is about 11.5 inches (31cm) tall-although you could have smaller or larger just by yarn choice.