WZT1042 Peter Pixie Knitted Elf Gnome Toy
Vintage Knit Pattern PDF T1042


KNITTING: This is a charming version of a traditional pixy or elf toy. With his long limbs, pointed ears and pompom trimmings on his feet and hat “Peter Pixie” looks perfect for some seasonal vintage style decoration or just to play with. As a toy he has lots of appeal with a very nice face; very pixie or elf like but still friendly. Of course you can give him any look you wish but this one has a great vintage look to it.

 (The pattern could also stand in as a Dobby style house elf, made in the right colours)

He is very easy to knit all in garter stitch (every row knit) and in standard double knitting weight (UK DK/8ply/light worsted) he comes out at about inches 18 inches/45cm high. You could make him smaller in thinner yarn of course.