WZT1040 Vintage Toy Lamb and Dachshund Dog Toys
Knitting Pattern PDF T1040


KNITTING: This is a charming vintage toy pattern from Weldons ( number B1465) for two very cute characters. A cheeky dachshund doggie in his snazzy roll necked jumper and a sweet little lamb with a *crocheted “daisy chain” necklace (although they look more like buttercup flowers to me).

Both are about 10 inches (cm) high knitted in UK Double knitting ( 8ply/light worsted); knitted in easy garter stitch (all knit rows) with very simple shaping. They make very cuddly and friendly toys for any small child.

* This is very simple crochet; but you could knit a small length of green I-cord and sew simple knitted flowers to it made with gathering up a small length of yellow knitting.