WZT1039 Boy Man Action Doll Toy Clothes Pattern Beach and Ski Wear
Vintage Knitting Pattern PDF T1039

£ 2.00

KNITTING:   Whether choses beach or mountain ski resorts- your little man will have a fab outfit to hand from this fab retro 70’s leisure wear pattern.

For the beach he has a pair of cute “hipster” shorts and a dashing robe-plus a stripy towel of course.

The retro ski outfit of plain trousers/ski pants and a Scandinavian or Fair Isle style jumper (sweater) and matching tasselled beanie ski hat has gone so far out of fashion- it is right back in again!

Lots of mini knitting fun to be had with this set.

The scandi outfit would be a nice look for his Christmas time visiting too- (If he gets too hot the Christmas tree could use the sweater as a mini decoration!)