WZT1024 Vintage Sindy Barbie or 11inch Dolls Clothes
Vintage Knitting Pattern PDF T1024

£ 2.00

KNITTING: This is such a useful little knitting pattern. The main item is the fabulously retro 60s coat with exuberant loopy “fur” trim, plus there is also  a gorgeously detailed “Aran “sweater. The rest of the clothes make a good set of outdoor items for dolly’s wardrobe; namely  “trews” or long Bermuda shorts/pedal pushers, a little ribbed “A” line mini skirt and a “helmet” [or bonnet] for her head.

The helmet is a bit of a style challenge, it looks more like a headscarf than the 60s pointy favourite headgear shape… but all that hair has to go somewhere!!

Lots of knitting and styling fun to be had with this quite unusual set from 1967.

Another idea…

The Aran jumper would also make fab (and extra special) Christmas tree or holiday garland decorations.