WZT1015 Draught Excluder or Toy Dachshund Dog
Vintage Knitting Pattern EMAILED PDF T1015


KNITTING: A great pattern for the classic doggie draught excluder ; dachshund shape. A low tech way of keeping warmer by using a squidgy roll of knitting to block out under doorway draughts; extra “green” too, as it uses recycled filling.

He is knitted in easy shapes, with a chart outline to check against.

The poor thing does look a little wistful though-maybe he is thinking about life as a toy. So if you do put him to practical use-give him some love anyhow LOL. However by shortening the body a little you can make a more manageable and very cute toy instead.

If he is to be made a draught excluder I would still use toy filling for the head to give a nice shape; and maybe the legs as it is then easier to get their flattish profile. However you can use various things for the body as given.  A once common filling was “old tights” ( pantyhose-  ie damaged , WASHED panty hose!!!) chopped into small bits. This actually gives quite a good result-too heavy and dense for a toy but it has a great solidity for a draught excluder.  Use inert toy pellets if you want the heavier “bean bag” heft without recycling tights and or old clothes. LOL.

[Please use common sense and bear in mind the age of any child who may play with this even if it is not made as a toy. Do not use buckles, buttons or even safety eyes, with very small “chew stage” children around and stitch on any ribbons or bows etc. very securely too.]