WZT1014 Sindy and Penny Doll Clothes Knitting and Sewing Pattern
Vintage 70s Knit Pattern PDF T1014


KNITTED and SEWING: a rare pattern for Penny doll, for a 70’s style sewn fabric skirt and vest /waistcoat. Penny was a teen doll (12inch) similar to Sindy, but sold as a “send away” cheap alternative through Pins and Needles magazine and patterns for her wardrobe of outfit were published from time to time in the magazine. (The clothes will also fit Sindy and other 12inch/30cm dolls such as Barbie and Tressy etc.).

The skirt and long waistcoat/vest pattern is on a diagram of squares ready to enlarge as was common then. The waistcoat is trimmed with crochet in the photo; but you can use sewn trim if preferred.

The sweater is in feminine confection in a dainty lace with long sleeves.

The original images are a bit blurry as it was printed on cheap paper but I have enhanced it for clearer reading.

This is a magazine pattern for Penny doll from a women’s magazine