WZT1061 Very Vintage Traditional Toy Penguin and Baby Penguin
Sewing PDF Pattern T1062


SEWING: A vintage toy design for a sweet little penguin; the original also has a Scottie dog. I am happy to add the Scottie dog pattern but the “beard” piece of the dog pattern is missing. However I have formed a replacement shape, so if you would like the pattern as well-just ask.

For my baby penguin sample in the photo, I used felt and scraps of black velour offcuts from a garment, with machine stitching. The toys can easily be sewn by hand if you prefer; with new or recycled fabric, or all in felt.

This “Economy Designs” paper pattern is a wartime publication. It contains references to “scraps” and salvaged fillings and is printed in the most minimal format –overall  4”x6”(10x15cm) in a packet you had to cut open in order to reveal the instructions printed on the inside of the paper.

However, I have reformatted the pattern and added notes and a photo ‘step by step’ for the penguin construction, so it is easier to use. You can print to original size for a 8.5inch adult penguin or 4.5 inch baby, or a 5.5inch Scottie dog.

The pattern PDF is made from a pattern in my collection of early twentieth century toy patterns, carefully reformatted and with modern instructions alongside the original images (so you can enjoy both). I have included tips from my own experience to help you produce a great result... like the ones in the photo.