WZT1025 Sixties Toy Monkey and Scottie dog
Vintage Knitting Pattern PDF T1025

£ 2.00

KNITTING: This toy pattern will create two lovely detailed toys with a nice retro sixties appeal.

The monkey has an especially quirky and friendly face and the doggie is nicely sturdy and compact. At just 10 inches (25cm) for the monkey and just 8 inches (20cm) for little doggie they are just right for small hands.

Please note: The fluffy appearance was achieved by “brushing” the finished pieces after they were knitting up; so they resembled fur fabric. This technique was fashionable for all sorts of items including clothing at the time; a basic sort of needle felting! However there are many modern yarns to choose from now that have a fluffy or textured appearance without needing this process. (If you decide to attempt it you will need a small stiff wire or nylon brush and choose a yarn that will pull out into fluffy fibres.)