WZ01002 12 inch Sindy Dolls Clothes
Vintage Knitting Pattern PDF 01002

£ 2.00

KNITTING: A charming and quite rare vintage 60s Sindy teen doll pattern, from the Scotch Wool Shop. These became “Bellmans”, on many high streets... wonderful woolly places!

This pattern has two adorable late 60s outfits for Sindy! Simple knitting and simple shapes; but they look so stylishly retro; only Sindy could rock that “Anorak” hoodie!

Anoraks were so stylish and useful in our damp weather; then like many fashion items, they lost their cool- so now the very word “Anorak” describes a particularly uncool group! Thank goodness we can just call them hoodies instead!

These individual clothes have lots of design mileage if you want to develop them from the simple basics.

The little boots are especially fab- and would great mini presents for any doll fans in your circle! (Although I’m not sure Sindy feels confident they were the right foot gear for that tiny Yacht, she looks as though she is feeling for balance!)


(You know you really do want to make them, and that pixie hoodie too!)