WZ00598 Debbie Chiltern 12 inch Doll Coat Sweater Suit Skirt Panties Slip Dress
Vintage Dolls Clothes Knitting Pattern Pattern PDF 00598

£ 2.00

KNITTING: this is a gorgeous set of dolls clothes for a 12inch “Chiltern doll”.

The original is a faded cut out from a woman’s magazine, aimed at knitting for fundraising; titled “Knitting with a mission”. (I have included the patterns for a cute egg cosies and a poodle dog which were with the dolls clothes).

The dolls clothes consist of a fill wardrobe; panties and an under slip-beautifully detailed in “ridged feather stitch” (which make as a nice sundress as well). Top layers are a little sweater suit of a short sleeved jumper and short, flared  “A” line skirt with contrast edges, and a coat to wear over it all. The coat is knitted in a crossed stitch pattern- lovely to look at (and it will keep a knitter occupied for a while!)

(Dressing a doll in all of it should keep a dolly mummy occupied for quite a while too!!)

Designed for “Debbie a Chiltern Doll” –these fit a 12inch (30cm) doll with 6.5 inches (16cm) tummy/chest.

PS; As you can see this cute pattern was printed on flimsy dark toned newsprint paper. As it is a bit murky to knit from I have whitened, enlarged and expanded the original pattern text to give an easier text to follow.