WZ595 Knitted Duck Donkey Pup Teddy Humpty Lulu Sixties Toy Patterns
Vintage Knitting Pattern PDF 00595

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KNITTING: A slightly weird and wonderful assembly of 6 knitted toys from the sixties. There is quite a cute little teddy with a scarf-great for a team mascot a nice puppy dog and a humpty dumpty ( a sort of gonk or monster egg shape) . There is also a rather odd duck in a headscarf (but she is much nicer with proper eyes), an even odder donkey . Then there is the lovely little dolly-Lulu.

Please note the doll was originally shown in a traditional “golly” colourway no longer permitted by many online sites as offense can be given by it. Her shape is lovely and so I have altered the image and text to remove offending references and to demonstrate her knitted colour is not mandatory. I do not intend any offense to anyone by doing this.. but I think her shape is nice and she can be made up in any colourway a toymaker prefers. Thoughts change- but the stitch instructions will still create a nicely shaped dolly. This is an historical document and as such it was not considered offensive at the time it was printed- altering the colouring is easy to do so no one need be upset by it in today’s different social society.

[If I get around to it I will make her again in... alien green or something! If you make one I can use an image of I will give you another pattern of your choice! ]