WZ576 Penguin Toys
Vintage Knitting Pattern PDF 00576

£ 2.00

KNITTED: penguins –perfect for Christmas time!

A very sweet and simple to knit penguin family. The baby chick is just adorable in fluffy yarn. 

The 3 sizes are not detailed so you could make the two larger ones as mum and dad or mum and child… or whatever family group you want J

There is nice colouring detail on the larger one (as daddy) while Mum-or junior -in the middle size would be a very quick make if you just want a small penguin! There are no size or gauge details with the pattern-and you could use any yarn weight really... but there are approx 140 rows to the height!


Sequins are used on the originals for a nice gleam to the eye; but toy safety eyes are available (for safer play for little ones)or you can, of course, embroider features.