WZ00553 Knitted Katie Doll and Humpty Dumpty
Vintage Knitting Pattern PDF 00553

£ 2.00

KNITTING: “Cotton Katie” is a sweet and child friendly doll, easy to knit. In cotton yarn and with her clothes knitted in-and just the skirt sewn on, she is robust enough for lots of love and play. So she is perfect for a first dolly to play with-even made as a little boy or a “mini-me” with matching hair, skin tone and eye colour –and even clothes!

The pattern is mid 60s but her look made as she is shown is even more retro, with her retro tight curls and embroidered features.

She comes out at approximately 12inches (30cm) high when made in the “dishcloth” thick cotton thread-but wool or synthetic yarn can be used –and her size will vary accordingly!

Included in the Woman’s Realm paper pullout pattern was a particularly attractive version of “Humpty Dumpty. I have included him as it seemed a shame to separate him from Katie doll after they had shared the same pages for over 50 years! (I am actually pretty sure these are reworked from an earlier pattern because of the style of them.)

So– here are the old friends; Katie and Humpty Dumpty, still together, to knit for a modern child who won’t care a bit about tall that !