WZ540 Toy Dolly and Golly
Vintage Knitting Patterns PDF 00540

£ 2.00

KNITTING: This is a very vintage Weldons toy knitting for a simple doll and a “golly”. (The golly toy is a historical figure; I know it is not an image we would create these days- but the basic shape and hair are just fine for constructing a generic humanoid toy! There is no need to recreate the doll structure as anything offensive.) I have the dolly on her own, with no reference to “golly" also available.

The clothing is knitted on – except for the skirt. Of course you can use a flesh tone throughout and add clothes... should you prefer this.

I re formatted from tiny font and yellowed pages, into clear colourful instructions with larger text now plus added toy making tips and help (but I have included images of the originals).