WZ525 Mouse Mice Gonk Clown Minstrel Doll
Vintage Toys Knit Pattern PDF 00525

£ 2.00

KNITTING: A set of vintage toys popular in the late sixties; knit as they are for a retro remake, or reinterpret them as more modern characters..

There is a Gonk in a school cap ( a 60s version of a cool Humpty Dumpty ); a sweet little mouse, a clown and a lanky musician doll in top hat and tails.

The lanky musician was a rework of the traditional golly figure as portrayed in a 6os variety show on UK TV (hard to explain without causing offence on many fronts, very non PC now, you had to be there! ) However the pattern is ripe for reinterpreting into one of the funky long limbed doll characters that are currently popular!

Please note; the original pattern instruction text has been carefully reformatted so that each toy has its own pages for easier printing - and there are WonkyZebra Toymaking and knitting notes included.