WZ519 Vintage Mon Tricot Knitted Doll and Dresses
Pattern PDF 00519

£ 2.00

KNITTING: This quirky, very 70s, knitted rag doll is originally from a “Mon Tricot” magazine. Myosotis (or” forget me not” flower) doll and some of her clothes were published in different s and luckily I have two of them, so I have put them together  in one PDF!

Her simple, easy to dress and robust shape ensure plenty of play value even for very little children.

Fun for the knitter too as there is a great deal of scope for creativity too; the dress shapes are easily customised (charts are given for the Fairisle/jacquard patterns) with boots and headgear adding details.

Think “mini me” versions or be imaginative and embrace some seventies wackiness in bright colours. This is a good basic doll making shape and instruction, too nice to be tied to one colouring stereotype.( I have removed throughout the pattern the original, unintentionally offensive descriptive name!)

 I have now also completely reformatted the text and added clearer images because the original has tiny print size and weird (translated) instructions; so it is now easier for you to following use