WZ518 Gnome Teddy Bunny Lamb Toys
Vintage Toys Knitting Pattern 00518


KNITTING : A pattern for a collection of soft toy characters to knit from the seventies; with quite an unusual combination of characters.  Alongside the traditional lamb and teddy there is an ‘IKEA style’ Christmas gnome and a large and slightly scary “March Hare” that probably has more of a nod to Alice in Wonderland’s mad hatter than the usual nice bunny rabbit toy!

All the toys are very basic shapes in garter stitch (plain knitting) in various sizes see the images for details).

The rabbit or hare’s jacket is actually part of the body although you could make the back and arm pieces again and have it a separate garment.

Plus of course you could make any adaptation you like from all the basic instructions; lots of scope for all sorts of creations.

I HAVE REFORMATTED THIS PATTERN so that as well as the original layout you have each toy on its own printable page. I hate the annoying “stop knitting-find the next page- knit the last 2 rows of instructions...” type of pattern layouts!

(I am guessing not many typesetters actually knitted or crocheted!)