WZ517 Crochet Toy Teddy
Vintage Pattern PDF 00517

£ 2.00

CROCHET: Just look at the charming little face of this cute crocheted teddy bear. Teddy has a very ‘vintage sixties’ styling and is a perfect example of the post- war teddy bear style; with contrast paws and a big bow!

This is a very easy to make version as the crocheting is done in rows back and forth as flat pieces to be sewn together once the pieces are crocheted. (IE not in modern amigurumi spiral method). Both methods are good but flat pieces are possibly easier if you are a beginner or have not tackled a 3D piece before.

The pattern is reformatted and enlarged so it is easier to knit from (and comes with my toymaking yarn and conversions notes for vintage UK/US hooks and yarns).

A lovely gift for baby