WZ515 Vintage Dutch Doll
Knitting Pattern Toy Knit Pattern PDF 00515

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KNITTING: A “little Dutch boy and little Dutch girl” pair of dollies; two lovely knitted dolls in Dutch national costume.  They are about. 24 inches/60cm tall if knitted in worsted/Aran yarn, but they can be made smaller in DK/light worsted or even 4ply.

These unusual characters are created from the same basic body with lots of different clothing details.

In their national costume from Holland (the Netherlands) the boy doll, Hans, wears a checked shirt, dungarees and tasselled hat and Helga has the traditional striped skirt, pretty white apron and cap headdress. They both have beautiful white collars and clogs to finish their outfits off. (yes...knitted clogs!)

You could easily use these patterns as a basis for a Puritan, or early American settler, style of doll.

Hans and Helga are not too complex to knit but Hans’s shirt is a bit trickier as it does require two colours of yarn carried along a row. However, assembling them does need a lot of care but the instructions are clear; detailed and straightforward.

In my opinion the original faces are unfortunately rather unattractive (unless you like the prissy or blank eyed zombie look)! I am sure you can make a nice expression for your own dolls and I have shown a friendlier set of features in some images.